Yak Yak Design

A list of what we do
and who we do it for.

Identity & Brand

OH our favourite! We love nothing better than grabbing your business or idea, putting it through some heavy questioning, squeezing it, poking it, and then transforming it into a fresh and on-market brand that you can be proud of.

Print & Screen Design

With a background in print design Yak Yak understands paper, and when we say “understands” we mean it’s a relationship bordering on obsession – there is just so much you can do! Need it in a digital format? Ok, that’s fine, no feelings hurt – we can do that too. Ok, yes, we will hyper-link your content too. Sheesh, no worries!

Web Design

From the outside, embarking on a web design project can be a bit like a journey into the wild west. There can be Cowboys ready to take you for a ride and folks just don’t seem to be speaking the same language as you… Well, we aim to make things simple and civilised. Our sites look good, function well and have room to grow just like your business. From a simple site to full e-commerce with social integration we can set it up and maintain it too if you need! 

Content Creation

If Data is King then Content is Queen! Peeps are REALLY visually literate these days and professional and creative content is needed to to raise a red flag in the ocean of images and video that washes over us EVERY. DAMN. DAY. We make smart and beautiful content you will be royally impressed with. 

Digital Mailers & eDM

Digital mailers and downloads are a fast, easy and economical way to get your products, services or information to your market and there is not a printer or mailbag in sight. Likewise, Electronic Direct Mail is a proven way to target your audience and get conversions that have escaped both social marketing and printed mail drops. Plus the numbers! Oh there is nothing better than streaming through the analytics reports to see how things are going. *cough*nerd*cough*.

Creative Direction

Screen Productions and traffic need it so why would your project be any different?  YAKYAK offers Creative Direction services that will enable you to sit back after briefing and know that all the magic makers and players who are involved in your project will be in the safe and direct hands of Lara.  If you want a Photographer to “get it” or a Copywriter to “express it” than you need to speak their language. Lara is multilingual, creatively speaking.
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